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December 2023

In the December 26, 2023 edition of Circulation on the Run, together with Dr. Susmita Sahoo, Shirin interviews Zihan Ma, PhD, and Chenfeng Mao, PhD, the recipients of the 2023 Loscalzo Award, which recognizes the first authors of the best translational or basic science paper published in Circulation each year.

September 2023

Check out our editorial on the publication by Yang et al. from XJ Wang’s lab, which provides the first genetic examination of a proteasome phosphosite in animals, showing cAMP-dependent PKA (protein kinase A)-induced proteasome activation protects against proteotoxicity.

Dr. Aghajani presented her work at the Arizona Postdoctoral Research Conference on 9/22/23 at the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix, Phoenix Bioscience Core, Virginia G. Piper Auditorium.

August 2023

Christoph Hofmann’s exciting new paper “mTORC1 inhibition impairs activation of the unfolded protein response and induces cell death during ER stress in cardiomyocytes" is published in the American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology! Here, we found that mTORC1 is transiently activated early in response to ER stress and is essential for the upregulation of adaptive unfolded protein response genes and cell survival. Great job, Christoph and team!

Shirin delivers Department of Internal Medicine Grand Rounds on Friday 8/25/23.